Wednesday, May 8, 2013


You know when it's happening, but if you're busy gazing into the emerald green waters just off the beach of the East Cape of the Baja for roosters and jacks, you don't really care.

I got cooked on the beach during my recent trip to the Baja. I got cocky. I got careless. I might have gotten melanoma--only time will tell, I suppose.

But there's a modestly happy ending. Purely serendipitously, I got an e-mail from Rachel Wepler, who reps for the product Unburn. The timing was ideal--I knew the Sea of Cortez sun would eventually get the best of me, and I figured having a bit of sunburn tonic couldn't hurt. I hit Rachel up for a bottle of the product and it arrived just in time to make it into the travel bag.

And I'm glad it did. While some sunburns are too far gone to really treat with topical ointments like Unburn (the blistered mass of goop that was once my right foot became evidence of that), the ointment--which is 25 percent lidocane--did the trick to take some of the pain away from a burned face and scorched arms and legs. It helped cool the skin and I know it helped make sleeping easier for the first couple of nights after incurring the careless injury.

So, thanks Rachel, for shipping me the bottle of Unburn--I'll buy my next bottle with no regrets.


  1. I'm often painfully reminded how lax (incompetent?) I am at putting sunscreen on, but I never forget to pack some sort of sunburn relief...go figure...

    I'll have to try this stuff out.

    1. I'm the same way... I'll apply it once and figure that's good enough... then I'll get wet and never reapply it. I deserve what I get.

  2. Buddy, take it from the guy who just had a piece of his ear removed - use the sunscreen, wear a Buff and cover up. Unless, of course, you feel like paying the tab for the dermatologist's kids' college.

  3. On the first day of the Yellowstone trip I was similarly foolish when we roamed the lake and then tramped into the Lamar. I found a Burt's Bees product that worked pretty good on the resulting burn.

  4. Oh, glad that I made my way over here today! I will have to find some of this great product. Swimsuit days are just beginning! (And I don't wear a buff with that) Lol. Thx.