Monday, April 29, 2013


The nice thing about fishing is that you never know really what's going to be thrown your way when it comes to the weather.

As I stepped from the shade of the mini-super just outside the little village of Buena Vista with a case of Pacifico, a bottle of blanco tequila and two bottles of juice--one orange, the other pineapple--I was preparing to tie on a little varietal mind-melt. The wind, coming from the north for two days straight had encouraged me to move on to Plan B.

As in, if the fishing is going to suck--and it generally does on the East Cape when the wind comes from del norte--the drinking is going to be epic.

Sadly, my traveling buddy Mike was running behind schedule thanks to weather and a host of other challenges that come with traveling across the hemisphere on a jet plane. I'd have to start Plan B solo--and with a hammock stretched between two palms just out the back door of the villa, I knew just where to start. I know... drinking alone is a warning sign. But then, so is not drinking at all when there's a hammock strung up between two palms right out the... ah, hell. You get the idea.

First things first. Ice. Procured at the swim-up bar at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort. The sink becomes the beer cooler. A little glass from the hotel room becomes a tumbler. One part Brendain Blanco, one part OJ, one part pineapple... delicious.


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