Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gear I Love: Redington's form game rod

The daughter instructs the son.
I got my hands on Redington's new form game rod, a great little tool designed to keep the cast in shape when you can't actually be on the water, or, if you're a 14-year-old girl, something you can use to lord it over your little brother while you "instruct" him on the finer points of fly casting.

The two-piece rod comes with 30-feet of custom RIO fly line, some simple instructions and a few basic tips for beginners. Within five minutes of opening the box, the kids and I were on the front lawn trying to cast the yarn "fly" at the end of the custom fly line into the mouth of a bucket about 25 feet away.
My first thought was, "This is a precision tool that will help with those tight situations on small water where casts have to be exact." And, while that may be true, what I really got out of the little stick was some much-needed help with, of all things, my double haul. It's almost as if the line and the rod team up to create a saltwater flats rod at about 50-percent scale--within minutes of starting casting, I realized that I was double-hauling the line and shooting truly tight loops. A couple of times, just to see if I could do it, I let all 30 feet of the fly line shoot through the guides and out the tip-top--it was a pretty sweet feeling.

For the kids, though, the rod is now an afternoon favorite--my 10-year-old son, Cameron, got home from school the other day, took the rod outside and spent about half an hour--all on his own--casting into the bucket. For some reason, fly casting hasn't come as naturally to him as it has his big sister, so I think he views the form rod as a way to fix a few problems and be able to hold his own the next time the family hits the water. Delaney took to it like a fish to water, and put the yarn in the bucket within just a few tries.

Naturally, after we'd all had a chance to give the stick a try, we started competing with it (and, naturally, one of the kids punched the other one in the gullet and stalked off in a fit of rage). It does open up some fun little backyard contests that will serve to hone your skills or teach the craft to a newbie. Redington offers for $39.95--and it's worth every penny. 


  1. There is a rumor circulating the internet that this was made for me. Are you sure they don't build them in glass?

  2. Hmm... it's pretty noodly, but it's a graphite stick. I had a blast with it... I highly recommend it!

  3. Or you just move to Colorado where you can fly fish all year.