Friday, October 26, 2012

The Weekend 10: Bumper Stickers

I've entered the "swag" fray here at Eat More Brook Trout--I've gone and ordered a 1,000 super-cheap and small-ish window stickers to promote the blog (message me on Facebook and I'll send you a couple), and it got me thinking of some of the better bumper and window stickers I've seen over the years.

Generally, I'm not a huge fan of the kitschy phrases--particularly of the political ilk--that tend to dominate the bumper-culture these days. I think political bumper stickers are actually a real problem in our society--they tend to become soul-free catch-phrases used by politicians that, while easy to remember, lack any real substance. To me, politics is too nuanced for bumper stickers, and it cheeses me off when sloganeering takes the place of dialog.

But I digress...

Bumper stickers have their place, and I hope the little EMBT window sticker has its place on a lot of rear windows in the future. For now, some of my favorites...

10)  No... I'm not a cat guy.

9) Life in a Mormon town... it can take some getting used to.

8) Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

7) This one makes me giggle every time I see it.

6) Seriously ... who hasn't done this?

5) Amen, brother... Amen.

4) OK... so, not a bumper sticker. But you're smiling...

3) Makes me think of "Joe vs. The Volcano."

2) Or, too dumb to have a bumper sticker designed online...

1) And my personal favorite...

Happy weekend...


  1. Good post. The 'bake sale' one was on seemingly every VW and Volvo in the '70's. I've been looking for "Still Pissed at Yoko" for years.
    Digress away, real democracy can use all the words it can get it's hands on.

  2. To me, politics is too nuanced for bumper stickers, and it cheeses me off when sloganeering takes the place of dialog.

    Alleluia! Politics, and everything else in our culture, has degenerated into sounds bites. Sad, really.

    And yes, brother, I'm smiling. Dirty, indeed.

    1. Unfortunately, we both know people who speak in sound bytes... they don't do themselves any favors, do they?

  3. My personal favorite:

  4. Ha! Made me think of 'Joe vs the Volcano'. Classic.

  5. Ive seen a few like #9 here in I.F. its thick up in here I tell yah,

  6. Nice bumper stickers!! Definitely got a few laughs out of me!

  7. Great bumper stickers! Perhaps bumper stickers were the original inspiration for Twitter.