Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alaska bound...

I'm once again abandoning the invasive little brook trout in the mountains around home for something a bit more exotic. I'm headed to Alaska for the annual Outdoor Writers Association of America conference--it's at Chena Hot Springs this year, just outside of Fairbanks.

The Chena River is a famed grayling stream, and, while there are still some salmon in the rivers to the south, I think this trip to the far north is going to be focused on grayling, as well as perhaps a few Dolly Varden and, if I'm lucky, a sheefish. 

I've been to Alaska a few times before, but this marks my first trip to Fairbanks. My hope is, after the conference, I'll be able to drive north up the Dalton Highway along the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline and learn a bit that giant project and, if I'm lucky, wet a line or two in waters inhabited by inland Alaska's less-famous fish. 

The good news is, there's no way a trip to Alaska can be a bad thing... Stay tuned... more to come in the days ahead.

Happy September... 


  1. Australia. Alaska. You'll be starting on the "B"s soon. Belize. Borneo. If I didn't love ya so much, brother, I'd hate ya. Have a great trip.

  2. I have get all the destinations that both start and end with "A" out of the way first... Armenia, Albania ... Alabama...

  3. I need an Alaska fix...quick. Still trying to move past my trip to Oklahoma.

  4. Safe travels and maybe a few adventures.

  5. Well...I guess this is just the life you live. You poor bastard...