Friday, August 24, 2012

What Doesn't Kill You...

Yep... even the trees want their pound of flesh.
Yeah, for the record, I spent the majority of time in Australia watching out for critters with teeth. Or stingers. Or pungent burning tree sap. Or, and I'm not making this up, electric ants

What got me?

Predictably, the tiniest, barely visible culprit out there--sand flies that I endured while fishing the lousy-with-crocodiles mouth of the Mossman River. While I watched the water for movement and stayed well away from the edge of the murky drink, I was being drained of blood by a thousand little bugs that, if I hadn't felt their tiny little incisions, I wouldn't have even known were there.

Everything Down Under wants to kill you, from the obvious perpetrators to those a little less obvious. But more than that, as you wander the banks of a rainforest river in a driving storm, it's the creatures you don't see that really get you. They get into your head... they make you jumpy and tense.

The only crocs I saw were in a wildlife park. I didn't see a single shark. But both of those creatures had me on my toes as I waded the salt flats and cast to jungle perch in rivers cloaked in a deep, green canopy.

I've also been largely away from the Internet, which doesn't scare me. It's just that, for $8 for 15 minutes for something a bit more dextrous than dial-up, I couldn't justify the expense. And, believe it or not, some places I stayed had no Internet options at all (I know... gasp!).

So... I'm back in the country. I'm ready to report on the visit to Oz. Know that it was magical and amazing and both too long and too short all at once. Stay tuned... much more to come.


  1. Well Chris that was quite exciting. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story. Oh and thanks for warning me to take "down under" off my bucket list!

  2. Hmm, I hate bugs, even more so when they are of the biting variety...

  3. Australia - like Texas, but twice as bad. (with bonefish and permit to keep things interesting).

  4. Indeed... Nothing like trying to fly fish with eyes in the back of your head...