Friday, June 15, 2012

The Weekend 10: The Fish Pose

Editor's note: This is the first in what I hope will be a weekly series, appearing Fridays, called "The Weekend 10." It's not your typical "top 10" or "10 best" list... just a list of 10 items that might spur some discussion and debate among the fly fishing crowd as the weekend approaches. Feel free to chime in with ideas... and, as always, thanks for stopping by.

For the inaugural Weekend 10, let's discuss ... the oft-controversial, sometimes weird, sometimes awesome act of sporting the catch in front of the camera's lens. We're not all pros at it--I'm guilty of some pretty silly antics in front of the camera with fish in hand (see below). I'm thinking, at the very least, we ought to give names to some of the more prominent poses and call out a few folks for engaging in behavior generally unbecoming... or least a little embarrassing.

So, as a mea culpa, I offer the following photo and promise some introspection. In other words, I've kissed my last Big Horn River sucker... at least in megapixels.

Why kiss this fish? Because it fought like a 26-inch brown!

So, without further adieu, the first Weekend 10:

No. 1: The Sepia Pose. We know that fishing was great back in the day. And we know why, in some places, it's not so great today. Thanks for that, Jackwagon.

No. 2: The Overcompensation Pose. I'm guilty of this one, as is Daniel Galhardo, pictured here. I think it's a byproduct of fishing small water, where big is in the eye of the beholder. Say it with me: "One hand is plenty for a fish less than twenty." Just sayin'...

No. 3: The Blind and Dumb Pose. It's not enough that you've bloodied the lip of this man-eater ... before knocking it over the head or simply removing the dorsal fin, you feel the need to blind it, as well. And the vest parka and short shorts? You gotta love 1979...

No. 4: The Toothy Grin Pose. An hour, and 37 stitches later, we know why the fellow on the left is sporting the evil smirk. When in doubt, hold the end without the teeth. Common sense, really.

No 5: The Fish Beater Pose. I can't tell if the dog looks hungry or if he's in fear of being the next critter grabbed by the lip and put in front of the camera for a really swank self portrait. But, hey... the shirt looks clean.

No. 6. The Ugly Pose. First, am I alone in thinking that Jeremy Wade looks like the Grinch? The Grinch with the coolest job on the planet? Second, if you look like you wish you hadn't caught the  fish you're posing with, what's the point?

No. 7. The Inclement Weather Pose. Yeah, the weather sucks... but you're holding a toad. Toughen up, Buttercup. 

No. 8. The Shameless Plug Pose. I'm sure your clients love being part of your awesome ad campaign. Maybe something a little less obvious? And you're welcome Hooked-up Sportfishing.

No. 9. The Back-at-the-Dock Pose. I never quite get this one--it seems counterintuitive to me. Why not snap a shot of the big striper while you're on the boat and before the trophy fish that has seen its last run by the point at Montauk is put on ice? At least you didn't take the photo in the kitchen...

No. 10. The PETA Pose. Chard. It's what's for dinner. 

Did I miss any? Feel free to share... 


  1. You forgot the 'forced perception' pose, where the arms are fully extended, with the hands as close to the camera as possible, to make the fish look gargantuan.

  2. Ah, yes... I call that the "Look at My Great Manicure" Pose!

  3. How about the buffed up trout assassin, face fully covered, intense eyes...looking down the back of the fish like it's a rifle guy...

    I think I'm gonna like the Weekend 10!

    ...oh, and I've been the aforementioned before, so no disrespect.

  4. I'm guilty of about half ... maybe a bit more if I really put my mind to it. In fact, I think I can recall a shot of me holding a big rainbow on the front porch before I put it on the grill. No offense meant to anyone by this post... just thought we ought to point out how the ego sometimes gets in the way (and again, I'm as guilty as the next guy)!

  5. I don't pose with fish too often...either because I don't catch too many or I remember that time that one slippery guy wiggled into my waders.

  6. #10 was fantastic

  7. You forgot the corksucker pose! It's an infamous variation of #2 where you are using two hands to hold a fish while holding your rod in your teeth biting the cork handle.

  8. I DID forget that one... That is petty prevalent these days...

  9. Better check that last guy for his license and tags!

  10. Good point... Chard is a protected species...