Thursday, March 8, 2012

You win, Mother Nature...

Fishing the flats... even if the bonefish don't cooperate.
OK... I give up. The good news is that I actually saw a bonefish today, but I hardly feel any better about the situation--I had about as much of a chance of catching the critter as I did of hooking a an elephant.

As it has all week, the wind has simply wreaked havoc with those of us trying to ply the flats of Dead Man's Cay for bones this week.

As our host put it today, "You have treat February and March like hurricane season." The wind has been tremendous--yesterday, I stood atop a bluff and literally leaned over the edge and was suspended by the constant 35 mph breeze.

A 'cuda in the surf. 
I managed to catch a small barracuda in the surf yesterday, and today, I caught a mangrove snapper and a baby tarpon that, while diminutive, managed to cartwheel all across the green water before I brought it to hand.

Baby tarpon
More to come... Internet, as you may suspect, has been a bit spotty this week. Our host had a problem with his with SIMM card--the group at the lodge has been forced to sit outside the office of the local phone company in order to connect to wireless. Here I sit with a handful of other bloggers and reporters, trying to convey our adventure the under the contraints of crappy weather and technological challenges.

Stay tuned... tales of the adventure are days away.

I hope.


  1. Oh boo hoo, you big baby. You're in the Caribbean, for God's sake! Pitch the fly rod, grab a drink with a little umbrella in it, and "suffer" through.


  2. winds were down big time this afternoon (friday). and tomorrow looks very fishable. flats may be pretty turbid from all the wind, but here's your window.

  3. I know, right... I have no business complaining. But, damn it! I've been waiting for this for a month!

  4. Wind...I know it's somehow a necessary part of an ecosystem but damn do I hate it. I feel your pain.