Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Luck be a lady...

Backcountry ladyfish.
It would be disingenuous to say that I'm in the Bahamas, but the weather sucks. Even if that's the truth.

Three days of 30-knot winds and a couple of days of slate-gray skies will put a damper on any fishing trip--in fact, had we not traveled 3,000 miles to get here, the chances of us actually going fishing in this weather are pretty minimal.

But we're here. We're committed.

And this morning, despite a chalky soup out on the flat in front of the lodge, and more wind, we feel  a bit more optimistic. Today, there's sun.

Thankfully, our hosts here on Dead Man's Cay know the innards of this island like we know the faces of our children. Yesterday, in sideways rain and wind you had to lean into to fight it off, we ventured into the backcountry and managed to shake loose the skunk. I brought a ladyfish and three baby tarpon to hand.

Today... the beach and hopefully the chance to cast to big, toothy critters like barracudas and lemon sharks.

Eventually the wind will slow down and we'll hit the flats again. Until then, we're adapting. Stay tuned.


  1. Keep shakin the skunk and fish will eventually fall out of it. I very seriously hope there will be a large, large photo gallery resulting from the trip...even if there are few fishy photos. Sounds like you're having fun despite...but I feel for ya.

  2. After a few cold beers (or spritzers), shaking the skunk off is the second most important part of any fishing trip. Glad you have gotten the monkey off the back...looking forward to seeing one of those toothy critters you're talking about.


  3. I wanna see a cuda. Hope the weather turns brighter for you.