Friday, February 24, 2012

Nine to Go: That's Crazy, Charlie

A kid at Christmas? A sailor with a jingle in his pocket waiting in the parlor of a high-brow brothel?

Call it what you will... I'm excited.

Twenty-four merciless hours have passed. Another half-dozen flies–tied sporadically during lunch breaks, after breakfast ... in the wee hours of the night–now rest in the box, ready for saltwater.

Related? Uh... no.
I'm hesitating. Do I start packing "the bag" now? Or do I wait. I fear if I pack now, the wait just gets worse. If I wait, I'll forget something. I can only imagine my agony, unpacking at the lodge in the Bahamas only to realize that I've left something incredibly important behind. I don't want to take a stab at which item... I don't want to put that bad karma out into the universe.

Photo: Long Island Bonefishing Lodge
Bonefish fact of the day: Bonefish were first scientifically described in 1758 by the scientist Linnaeus. He placed them in the genus Esox, which, as you might know, includes the freshwater denizen, the northern pike. Bonefish are, in fact, in the order Albuliformes. Their latin description is Albula vulpes.


  1. You don't need a lot of flies, you don't need a lot of clothes and you don't need a lot of gear. Wading the flats barefoot is one of life's great pleasures. All you need is a pair of good shades, your favorite hat and shorts. Just remember two things - never touch your fly right after you apply sunscreen, and never strip it more than a half inch or so once the fish sees it.

  2. and whatever you do, don't ask the bartender at the lodge if he can play some jimmy buffet. yeah, it will sound good, but dang if that shit don't piss off the locals.

  3. 'you wonder why you ever go home' will sound better on the shitiest jukebox in the dankest dive in the bahamas than it has ever sounded on the finest headphones known to man in idaho. enjoy it chris. you've earned it. keep the sunscreen away from your flies, keep your strips tiny and post a lot of pics. happy & jealous.

  4. Interesting bit of bonefish trivia there. Being that Linnaeus invented the latin binomial system for identifying species, it's probably forgivable that he got the genus wrong.

  5. I know, right? I mean ... pike? It's not even close. I guess Linnaeus never saw a whitefish ;)