Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanks to Andy at Upland Equations

Well... I'm not sure how my head is going to fit through the front door tomorrow morning, what with all the flattery that was tossed my way by my new friend Andy Wayment today.

Get the book here. Yes, I
know... shameless. 
Andy blogs at Upland Equations and he lives here in Idaho Falls, but we'd only met a couple of times by chance. But, as he put it, bird hunting and fly fishing are two sides of the same coin, so we tend to run in the same big circle here in town. When he reached out to me recently asking if I'd be willing to give him a copy of my book, "Shin Deep," for a review on his blog, I of course was interested. But, with a crazy work schedule of late and lots else going on, I neglected to follow through and actually put the book in Andy's hands. Thankfully, he reminded me the other day, and we finally sat down for lunch and got to know one another.

And I gave Andy a signed copy the book, for what it was worth.

To my pleasant surprise, Andy's review, which he posted today (the book's only about 120 pages long, and I'm honored that Andy took the time read it in a single day) is extremely flattering, and I'm grateful for his kind words.

Many thanks to Andy for taking the time, being persistant, and making a little room over at his fantastic blog (to think he did this all with a days-old baby at home!) for a book review. It means a lot, and I hope his words encourage others to give the book a read.

Now that we've had lunch, it's time to spend a day afield with Andy, either fishing or chasing birds. I can't wait.

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