Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spritzer Season

Tenkara, a nice little cuttie... and the photographer has the G&T.
It was a simple request.

"Oh! I got one. Hold my gin."

My wife thrust her glass full of gin and tonic in my face with one hand while playing a small Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat trout that fell for her Royal Wulff with the other. Reason No. 235 why tenakara fishing on small streams is pretty damn effective. With no need to strip line or handle a reel, Liza was able to sip a G&T while casting to rising trout.

It is Spritzer Season, after all.

We'd escaped a Sunday afternoon in town and headed for the hills along the storied South Fork of the Snake. Thankfully, the river, still mostly blown out thanks record water in the region, wasn't our destination. We were set on wandering up a small stream or two in search of cutties. After striking out once, we stumbled upon a little tributary to the Snake that, while not perfectly clear, was perfectly fishable. And the tenkara rod was an obvious choice for two reasons: One, it's all my wife will fish now, largely thanks to its simplicity and its effectiveness. Two, we had a kid and two dogs with us. Things were complicated enough.
Family swim.

And, as things go when you fish with kids and dogs, the whole family quickly tired of catching eight-inch cutties and chose to take a dip instead. Those little tenkara rods telescoped quickly into the back of the car, and within minutes, dogs, kids and the wife were enjoying a swimming hole that flowed slowly over a warm springs inlet.

Heaven. With a spritzer.


  1. Can't complain about summer gin & tonics. Adding a fish on a dry makes it close to heaven.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. People often ask me what to do with the "other" hand, since line management is no longer necessary. I've always replied it's for your wading staff, but I think perhaps your wife has a better idea. And if you fish alone, well, bottoms up.

  3. Mystery solved... the off hand is for gin.

  4. Well, it's settled, the next purchase is a Tenkara.

  5. Aren't you glad we introduced you to Spritzer Season last week? Your life may never be the same.

  6. The perfect day!
    Darn Sanders...I'm selling mine. We should have traded for it last week.

    Iwana 11 ft. used maybe 6 times. like new. $80 and I dunno $5 for shipping?

  7. "Hold my gin"...what a post! Loved it! :)