Monday, June 6, 2011

Know Your Fly Fishing?

Trout Unlimited and Redington Gear have teamed up to encourage more folks to get involved with the sport of fly fishing. Interested Facebook junkies can get in on the action, win some great Redington gear and have a bit of fun getting to know both TU and Redington by taking this quiz over at Facebook.

The bottom line is this... Redington "gets it." The connection between protecting and restoring our fisheries and the economic importance to partners in the fly fishing industry isn't as obvious as it should seem. I understand it, and you probably do, too... unfortunately, the Redingtons out there are few and far between. By working with TU, they are setting a wonderful example, and I hope more companies out there that depend on anglers and other sportsmen for their revenues will make the same kind of investment in TU's work. It will pay off–guaranteed.

Thanks to Redington for engaging TU in this partnership, and thanks for the help keeping our fish and our fishing intact for the next generation of anglers. Great work...