Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Call to Action

I wanted to pass on what I think is the most important blog post of the day. Tom Sadler over at Dispatches from Middle River is essentially challenging the fly fishing industry to get behind conservation efforts across the country, and this logic is sound.

As I've said here many times, intact habitat translates directly into opportunity. Tom's taken it a step further. Intact habitat translates into opportunity, which creates economic activity. Brilliant.

As he says to the industry, "Your bottom line depends on the health of the watersheds your customers visit with your products in hand." Simple. Poignant. And the absolute truth. It's a fairly easy connection to make, and many in the industry understand it. But not everybody.

Making a great fly rod, or a fantastic pair of waders is one thing. Investing in the future of the craft by helping protect the places we fish is something completely different. The fact that there are many, many opportunities available to invest in resource protection and resource restoration only makes it more of a head scratch when it's painfully obvious that not every outfit in the industry understands the full impact of the equation.

I wholeheartedly support Tom's plan, and I hope you will, too. Good work, my friend.

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