Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Percent for the West's Backcountry Streams

A backcountry brookie.
As a die-hard backcountry trout fanatic, and newly converted Tenkara angler, I wanted to personally thank Daniel Galhardo and Tenkara USA for donating it's "1% for the Planet" contributions to Trout Unlimited's Sportsmen's Conservation Project.

The SCP (full disclosure–I work for TU) is all about protecting intact habitat throughout the Rocky Mountain West, and much of its work includes keeping intact fish and wildlife habitat just like it is today for coming generations to enjoy. I'm the personal beneficiary of the work the SCP does here in Idaho and throughout the West to keep cold, clean mountain streams in pristine condition. This is no easy task–efforts are almost always afoot to develop backcountry habitat, be it for expanded off-road vehicle trails along trout water, proposed oil and natural gas leasing and drilling in roadless areas, or other industrial uses that would tarnish prime coldwater ecosystems and the opportunity to chase wild trout in wild places.

But what I appreciate most about the Tenkara USA donation to TU is the connection Daniel and his company have made between habitat, opportunity and economic development. He's living proof that keeping habitat intact and ensuring the chance to chase trout in quality country can, indeed, be beneficial from an economic standpoint.

And he's not alone. Just ask any thoughtful hunting outfitter, or backcountry fishing guide how important quality habitat is to their bottom line. The old adage is spot on: "The best fishing begins where the road ends."

Thank you, Daniel, for your generous contribution to our sporting heritage, and here's hoping more folks in your industry make similar commitments to the resource (or continue doing so). Protecting habitat and opportunity is the best way to ensure a future for the fly fishing craft, and for retailers, manufacturers or anyone who benefits, either directly or indirectly, from pristine backcountry habitat, it's the best way to ensure a solid economic future.


  1. Five stars Daniel and Tenkara USA - my generation and generations to come thank you.


  2. I would have liked to have seen more brookies on my recent trip out South...I really like their colors. And I like that "Best fishing where the road ends..."