Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lower Laguna Madre ... In Pictures

While the wind made casting difficult, some folks took full advantage of the southeast breeze.
The sleek and speedy skipjack (lady fish).
The amazingly strong and acrobatic skipjack (lady fish). With a mouth of
sandpaper, and at least three good leaps, these fish are a blast on light
fly tackle.
What a skipjack sees as Skipper Ray goes in for the grab.
Efren Salazar, owner of SPI Kayak, casts for trout
in Lower Laguna Madre.
The toothy grin of a small speckled trout.
The author connects with the first redfish of the trip. Thanks Efren Salazar, for the photo!

The signature flats fish of South Padre Island, the mighty redfish.

What's a photo essay without this shot?
The Palms Resort Cafe redfish special. You catch 'em, they cook 'em.
Here we have deep fried redfish, broiled redfish and my favorite,
blackened redfish.


  1. Great pics - thought I may like the last one the best!

  2. Fantastic - looks like a nice getaway!

  3. Highly recommended! And Mark, thanks for the invite last week. I had a great time seeing everyone, and I'm always game to come down to a GRTU chapter meeting, even if it's just to update you guys on what we're up to. Especially if it means I get to chase reds again!

  4. Wish I had a trip like that planned.