Saturday, April 9, 2011

Coveting thy Lid ... Part Deaux

I'm not a tie guy. I might wear a tie twice a year, and it's the first thing that comes off the minute the funeral's over. When I hear people talk about how the tie makes the man, I just roll my eyes.

Because I know the truth.

The hat makes the man. My buddy Tom Sadler is living proof. Earlier today, you'll recall that I hijacked a photo of Tom wearing a new Stormy Kormer waxed cotton cap, and I admitted to coveting the cap, and vowing to show some skin, smooch an alpaca, eat a dog biscuit... whatever it took for Stormy Kormer to send me a cap.

And, as much as I like the cap that Tom was modeling, I really liked the Stormy Kormer original wool cap–this is the perfect top to any outdoorsman's dome, particularly here in eastern Idaho, where winter, it seems, will last until the first day of summer.

World-famous porn star Tom Sadler models a
Stormy Kormer original wool cap in a rare
"clothes on" photograph. Lucky stiff. 

Well... turns out my friend Tom actually owns a Stormy Kormer original wool cap, in addition to the waxed cotton model (I know... I didn't realize he was a millionaire, either). You believe that? I'm green with envy (although, if you're listening, Stormy Kormer, I prefer the olive wool, not the green–just throwing that out there). Who knew I'd start working my way through the Seven Deadly Sins when I woke up this morning?

The good news is that Tom's starting a little campaign to get Stormy Kormer's attention. Like any good friend, he understands that ties are cheesy Father's Day gifts.

Hats make the man.

As an aside to my new friends at Stormy Kormer, if more than one hat happens to find its way to sprawling home offices of Eat More Brook Trout, we'll have a little give-away essay contest to determine who gets that second lid–we'll coordinate it with the support staff over Dispatches from Middle River. Just sayin'... everybody needs a hat that sweet.


  1. Hey guys, Jess here with SK. You have my attention! Please email me at maybe we can touch base on what you need.

  2. Jess! Look for a note soon. We'll make this happen!