Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter Images

Winter fly fishing is an exercise in faith. It's an endeavor, an event.

It's not something to undertake with expectations, reasonable or otherwise. It's done with the understanding that the payoff comes not in the form of willing trout, although they're a welcome and all-too-infrequent surprise.

Rather, the rewards come in cold silence, in the savored sight of an eagle against a cold, blue sky, and the protest of thick, February water running with a purpose downhill over time-worn rock.

The rewards come in chosen company, white campfire smoke, footprints in the streamside snow and elbow room.

God bless winter for what it delivers, and for what it doesn't. For both are worth immeasurable gratitude, don't you think?


  1. Great winter shots, Chris! We have a few warmer days on the horizon. Happy Hook Ups.

  2. Thanks Mel... I gotta tell you... I'm ready for spring. Cabin fever strikes early this year! At some point, we ought to get together and fish, seeing as how we're in the same neck of the woods...

  3. I'm ready for spring too. Great post.

  4. Wonderful post. Sparkling water is terrific.