Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Day on the Water

Enjoying a little of Fetzer's finest ... through a Twizzler
straw. Tough day on the water.
By Liza Hunt
EMBT Guest Blogger

I held hands with my love.

I felt the water push on my legs.

I saw an immature bald eagle coast overhead.

I made some beautiful casts.

I threw a snowball.

I ate a hot dog cooked over a campfire.

I drank some wine.

I got back in the water and fished to the bridge.

I saw the mama eagle fly over me.

I took a picture of the moon, chalky white in a bright blue sky.

I told a secret.

I heard some gossip.

I laughed at a joke.

I hugged my son.

I cast again.

I smelled the water.

I ate some Twizzlers.

I felt the sun on my face.

I looked at the Tetons.

I watched the sun set.

I did NOT catch a fish.

I must have had a terrible day.


  1. It sound as if you had a fine day. Some realistic happenings.


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  3. Sounds like not too bad of a day...Relaxation...

  4. Liza, nice way to put the day into words. I enjoyed this.