Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gear Review: The Boxes

So, I'm feeling a little guilty.

A few weeks back, I agreed to do a gear review–or, rather, coopt my 12-year-old daughter into writing a gear review–on the new Redington Crosswater Youth fly fishing outfit. The folks at the Outdoor Blogger Network arranged for the delivery of the fly rod here to beautifully frigid Idaho Falls, home of the South Fork of the Snake, the Henry's Fork, the Teton, the Blackfoot, et al, so I could get my daughter out on the water with this new product.

As of yet, the rod has yet to see the water. But, of course, neither have I or my daughter. It's cooooold out there, folks, and I'm a believer in trying new equipment in more optimal conditions. If your nostrils freeze shut when you walk outside, a fly line doesn't stand a chance.

But the box in which the fly rod arrived is sure nice.

And, in a break with their tradition, the wonderful folks at Redington aren't requiring that we return the rod to the manufacturer–they're letting me donate it to a good cause in hopes of getting more kids out on the water. I've already lined up a Cub Scout den for a little bluegill fishing in May. Not only will kids get to fish with this rod, but they'll get to catch fish with it. And that's important, in my book.

Oh, and the the Crosman Benjamin .22 caliber, Nitro Piston air rifle I was fortunate enough to win (thank you, OBN Random Number Generator)? It, too, sits in its handsome box awaiting its first use. Ground squirrels should start making an appearance in a month or so, and by then, the kids will be itching to get outside (and so will I). You'll hear more from me on the assets of this finely crafted weapon soon.

I have a feeling this gun will be well-used in our little family of outdoorspeople. The kids have their own BB guns, but this rifle is the real deal, and I'm sure we'll all be fighting over it during our frequent family target-shooting outings.

So, thank you to OBN, Redington and Crosman. I can't wait to give these products the thorough testing they deserve. Stay tuned to EMBT for results.

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