Sunday, January 9, 2011

Encouraged by the Show Turnout

The Trout Unlimited team at the ISE--that's me on the right.
Thanks to Tom Sadler at Dispatches from Middle River 
for the dead sexy photo.
I spent the last few days at the International Sportsmen's Expo and the Fly Fishing Show in Denver, and if attendance at these events is any indication, I'd say the economy is starting to return to respectability.

Both shows, at least from my perspective, did very well in the target-rich environment of Denver. What's more, I had some really great conversations with anglers and sportsmen on a number of conservation topics. It's heartening to see folks actually willing to give back and talk about the need to protect what we have left for the next generation.

I had a great weekend in Denver. Now, of course, it's snowing and my flight home is touch-and-go. Cross your fingers for me ... could be a long night.


  1. A phojo is only as good as the subject he shoots...
    Hope you make it home safely!

  2. The show is coming to MA and I plan on going there this weekend. There are going to be some authors there and I was wondering if you had any favorites?

  3. Glad to hear there was a strong showing of conservation minded folks. We need all we can get!