Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eat More Brookies drops in on Denver show circuit

The International Sportsmen's Expo and the Fly Fishing Show are both in Denver this week, and I'll be going back and forth at both shows working booths for my day job with Trout Unlimited.

I'll take a few photos with the Droid and post them on the site, particularly if I see something noteworthy. The "show circuit" is in full swing this time of year––in addition to the Denver shows, the Dallas Safari Club has a show under way, and there's another ISE in Salt Lake City later in the month.

Add the big Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) in Las Vegas in a couple weeks, and January might be the best month of the year to go and look at new outdoor gear, cash in on a bargain with a high-end hunting or fishing lodge and rub elbows with some of the more noteworthy names in the outdoors community.

I'll be manning booths off and an on at both the ISE and the Fly Fishing Show for TU, so if you're in the neighborhood, swing by and say hello.


  1. I'd rather poke pencils in my eye...but maybe we can hook up...

  2. No... go with the pencils. Fun for me, too ;)

  3. Chris, I won't poke pencils in my eyes, but I will drop by the TU booth on Saturday to see if you are there. I'll be there in the morning around 10.

  4. Great! Hope to see you there... at the ISE, the booth is titled Sportsmen's Conservation Project, and at the FFS, it's the Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development.