Sunday, January 16, 2011

Eat More Brook Trout Cabin Fever Fishing Tour, Part Deaux

Last year, around the middle of March, I launched a three-day whirlwind tour of southwest Montana's trout water, just to prove to Mother Nature that winter, even if it was going to last forever, wasn't going to get me down. I started on the Beaverhead, hit the Madison and the Gallatin, and then I had an amazing day on the Henry's Fork on the way home.

I stayed with friends and in cheap hotels, ate poorly, drank much and generally put all my cares on the backburner just to feel a little sunshine on my face ... and the pull of wild trout on my fly line.

I had such a great little trip that I'm doing it again. I'm thinking mid-March–dates aren't firm in the fishing realm, and won't be for a bit. I'm starting in Idaho Falls, and heading north. Here's the kicker–I'd love to invite my fellow bloggers along for the experience.

If you have a few days to spare in March, and want to hit the road for a fly fishing/greasy spoon/questionable tavern tour of some of the best trout country on earth, let me know. We can split expenses, get a little crazy and blog our way through the center of the fly fishing universe.

Drop me a comment, or an e-mail, and we'll make a plan... Could be a hell of a good time.


  1. Your 3 day tour sounds like some of my whirlwind trips!! Ha. You definitely have picked out some prime water to journey out to!
    BTW...Nice 2010 vid.

  2. I might be fishing some of that water in march. i might be able meet up for parts of your whirlwind journey.

  3. Its a little to far for me, but thanks for the offer. I notice you said you ate poorly, obviously no wild brook trout were caught.

  4. As soon as you lock in dates, let me know. I doubt that I can make it in March - I've got a bass trip to Alabama on the books - but if things change, I'd be there in a second.


  5. Oh Man! Chris I would love to go, but I've got plans that day. I certainly hope you can hook up with a few folks, what a blast that could turn out to be.

  6. As soon as the dates are final, I'll pass it on. Could be a fun few days...

  7. Perhaps during CSU's spring break? Man that would be killer...