Tuesday, November 2, 2010

OBN, the Secret and the William Joseph Chest Pack

My wife tells me it's called "the secret." You "put something out into the universe," and good things happen. I don't know if I buy the idea of "manifesting" what it is you want, but she might actually be onto something.

A few days back, when the Outdoor Blogger Network made its debut, the site owners announced a few give-aways. Enter your blog in the network, get an entry. Post about OBN on your blog win an entry. I perused the list of free stuff, and immediately was drawn to the William Joseph pack. I've tried a few different fly vest alternatives, but I almost always end up with my trusty Columbia vest stuck in the wader bag ready for action. The one thing I haven't tried is the chest pack.

So, in a comment to Rebecca and Joe, I said something like, "I really want the chest pack!"

Long story short, I got a note today from OBN... I'd won. And, in an odd turn of events, the chest pack was overlooked by the two winners drawn ahead of me (I was third). I took the chest pack.

The Secret? I might be coming around to manifesting what it is I want, after all.


  1. Attract it!!!


  2. I'd really like a reciprocal link on your blogroll! ( Like that? :)lol )