Monday, October 18, 2010

Canuck court throws the book at brook trout poacher

A court in Timmins, Ontario, fined a poacher $1,400 for an over-the-limit catch of seven brook trout, and it revoked the violator's fishing privileges for a year, according to an article in The Timmins Times.

Keeping in mind that the Canadian dollar is now virtually worth the same at the U.S. dollar (thank you, Goldman-Sachs), the fine is pretty substantial and essentially puts a $200 price tag on each brookie over the limit kept by Gary Martin, who, in addition to being a game thief, was also apparently uncooperative to the officer who cited him for the illegal taking of a native brook trout.

Brookies face any number of challenges in their native waters along the Eastern Seaboard and in southern and eastern Canada, and it's nice to see a judge with the stones to send a message to those who might kill brookies where their presence is a blessing. Congrats to Justice of the Peace Dolores Boyuk.

Way to go, eh.


  1. That ought to send a message. That's a hefty price to pay. Maybe next time he will think before he keeps.

    Found your blog on OLB. Hitting the "follow" button right now. =_)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Ryan... just returned the favor. Thanks much.