Monday, September 27, 2010

Book a must-read for "blue liners"

I've written about blue-lining a lot. Poking up unnamed creeks represented by thin, blue lines on the pages of a tattered gazetteer is a fly fishing artform. These little streams represent equal parts adventure and risk--there's no telling what you'll find in those journeys upstream. Sometimes fish. Sometimes nettles, bears or rattlesnakes.

My good buddy Tom Reed is a blue-liner. In fact, of all my friends, he's perhaps the only guy who truly understands what it means to be a blue-liner, and that blue-lining is only a little about the fishing, and a lot about what lies beyond that next bend, over the next rise or "up that little wash." As my wife says about Tom, he "gets" me.

Tom is also a hell of writer. He's an outdoors renaissance man--a horseman, a fly fisher, a wingshooter, a rifleman, a bird-dog trainer... I think I even remember him going on about some nonsense involving trail running. For fun. Yuck.

So when his latest book, "Blue Lines," hit the stores recently, I was beyond honored to be mentioned in the title chapter and flattered that Tom would credit me with finally explaining to him what it is he's spent a lifetime doing. I loved the book and I'm thrilled to be even a small part of it.

You'll love it too... get your copy of Blue Lines at Enjoy.


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