Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Fitting Tribute

This just in: The Colorado Wildlife Commission will consider renaming a stretch of the South Platte River between Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Eleven Mile Reservoir after the late, great Charlie Meyers, the former outdoor editor of the Denver Post.

The commission meets Feb. 11 in Denver. To see a map of the area proposed as the Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area, click here. To contact the state commission to support this worthy project, please drop them a line. Charlie was a huge advocate for conservation, and his voice will be sorely missed. Just as important, Charlie was a true gentleman and a hell of a fisherman. He was an unassuming man who was as comfortable with the average sportsmen as he was among the glitteratti.

Please contact the Colorado Wildlife Commission and urge swift approval of the name change honoring Charlie and his legacy.


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