Saturday, January 9, 2010


Just a few days ago, on the Trout Unlimited blog, I resolved that I'd paid my last rod fee of 2010--an entertaining day spent on a Paradise Valley spring creek, for a price, was enough to convince me that searching out hidden trout water (and, honestly, less-educated quarry) was more my thing.

It got me thinking about resolutions in general, and, given the time of year, I thought I'd jot down a few, just to get them on the record. In fact, if you're reading this, you're enabling my first resolution, which is to spend more time exercising the keyboard with some personal writing. I was inspired over the holidays by Bruce Smithhammer's blog entry in Mouthful of Feathers, a fantastic blog that's bird-hunting-centric and written by two good friends who, oddly enough, are just as at home behind the creative keyboard as they are with 12-bangers pressed against their shoulders and a Hun in the sights.

The resolution is simple. Write more. Maybe even every day, if time and circumstances allow.

The next commitment is even more basic. I vow to get my kids outside more this year. It's nothing new, really, but they're matriculating through childhood so quickly, that, with the oldest, I can sense our time together growing short--new interests are bound to overtake the soon-to-be teen-aged girl, and, while I'd love for her grow up, drive a pickup truck and spend her summer days as a fly fishing guide, I'm not delusional. She's a beautiful girl with smarts and ambition--I'll likely lose her to rocket science or chemistry in the long run. For now, I'm content to help her improve her fly cast and her shot with her new pellet gun. Same goes for my son, who has more questions than I have answers--finding those answers together while cold water runs over the tops of our toes is one of my biggest priorities.

I vow to walk away from the road more often this year. I'm serious. Blue lines call to me from inanimate gazetteers, and I will answer that siren song more often. This one is vital to my sanity.

There are others, like adhering to that decorative wall-hanging my wife proudly installed a couple of years ago. It simply reads, "Always kiss me goodnight." I will. I promise.

Happy New Year, all. May it be the best ever.

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